"Hello ladies. I want to touch base with you to let you know how Charlie is doing. He always has to be the center of attention. I bought him a battery powered toy that swings around randomly that he LOVES even when it's not on. When I saw it at the store I figured when he wears this old guy out I could turn it on while I catch my breath. It worked out just as I planned. 

He is such a sweet boy. He's also been a good boy for a kitten. Lisa, we took your advice and got a kitty litter box for the 1st floor of our house. He started playing in the basement so he's going up and down the stairs. Kathy and I decided to leave the box upstairs until he starts to use the one in the basement. He had two little accidents before we got the litter box up here. He has done great since then. He runs from company but within 5 minutes or so he is on their lap. 

Ladies I want to thank you for letting us adopt Charlie. He has brought us so much joy. I think I have had the same silly grin plastered on my face since he got here. He is one of the prettiest kitties I have ever seen. Thanks again and we will keep you updated on how he's doing."

- Terry



"Just wanted to say how much we love our boys Leonardo & Tucker. Thank you to Mary Grace & Carol their foster mommies, who took such tender loving care of them until we were able to bring the boys home. Thank you Renee for orchestrating in their adoptions. We are so in love with these boys that we adopted from HOM! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts ♥️"

- Cathe



"Nova and Jolene have come a long way! When I first brought Jolene home she was very shy but she was happy. Nova was not sure how she felt about another cat in the house and would stare at Jolene from a distance and growl a little.

After a week of this Nova decided to give Jolene a shot and got close to her. After that the two have been inseparable since. They are always running around playing and getting into trouble of course.

They will cuddle together or sometimes just sleep next to each other on separate cat trees. If they ever get out of hand their brother Bruno the Chihuahua separates them. They love each other so much and I’m so glad they've become so close and I was able to give Jolene a great home!"

- Gabby
January 2017
Mayfield Heights, OH


"Last summer we lost one of our cats, Asher to cancer she was 10.  Sylvie aka Sylvia Brown, our surviving cat definitely seemed to be affected by the loss. Around Christmas we decided to find her a new sister, that’s when we stumbled on Ciara with the newly formed House of Mews!  After a few weeks of growls and Hisses, the two are best buddies! Were super proud to be the very first adoption from House of Mews!”

- Russ & Collin
Brunswick OH
December 2016


You can find us at:
440-494-MEWS (6397)
Images are of actual volunteers and adoptable/adopted cats & property of House of Mews Rescue